"Since we installed Valuechat in our website we could understand what was enticing our customers through reading the recorded chats. We realized that we needed to make several changes to our comunication."

John D., Miami, FL

"Training Valuechat to answer even the strangest questions was not difficult at all. The fact that it recorded the unsanswered questions in a separate form, helped us easily to address those questions."

Beverly S., Cape Charles, VA

"The conversion rate increased by 37.6% after 4 months."

Brian B., Santa Barbara, CA

"Before having Valuechat, we were only guessing what our customes wanted to find in our website."

Isaac M., Mexico City, MX

“As a business owner on a tight budget, I never thought we would be able to afford a live support automated chat program. ValueChat surprised me, and has been wonderful. Our sales have increased, and I’ve stayed within my budget.”

Tobias W., Seattle, WA

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