Strategies for using ValueChat

We have attempted to give the site owner additional tools to convert a visitor to a customer. Below, find some strategies that can be employed to cater to the different learning styles of your visitors and provide a fun experience.

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Live Operator
Valuechat is configured to work with a live operator at any time. The transcripts of each chat that is conducted is logged into the section of the dashboard that lets the chat operator interact with the visitor. These transcripts can be viewed later to fine tune the chat strategy. Your chat service will only be available when there is a live operator to respond to a visitor or group of visitors.

Programmable Chat
This feature of Valuechat gives the website business the option of providing a chat service to visitors 24/7. While a live operator may be available to monitor the chat, it is not a requirement. The website owner preprograms the questions that they expect the visitor to ask with answers that provide the information the visitor is seeking. Responses to visitors can be in text, audio and video embedded into the chat window. All transcripts of the chats can be reviewed later for fine tuning of the message or to improve the navigation experience of future visiors. Records of the number of times a video or audio was used. It is also to preprogram embedded links to other pages of the web site to even to another website.

Train one or several ValueChat Agents at once or add more later with the same training in an instant.

Embed Links
The ability to embed a link into a chat window gives the web site owner the flexibility to direct the visitor to another page on the web site, a preprinted form, or even another web site altogether. This feature can be use to enhance the navigation experience of the visitor and gives the web site owner more control over the visitor navigation of the website.

Embed Audio
Valuechat gives the website owner the option of using audio recordings in response to a preprogrammed question from a visitor. Here the website owner can add another media tool to inform the visitor of specials or speak to visitors than respond to audio more than text.

Embed Video
Embedding a video into a chat window gives the website owner the ability to deliver information to visitors that may only respond to video presentations. Here the website owner can guide the visitor through the website through a series of videos that will enhance navigation, impart useful information and enhance the image of the website.

Embed Pictures
Embedding photographs is another tool Valuechat provides. Photographs can be combined with text and audio to explain, direct and enhance the visitor experience.

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Using Valuchat for landing pages and adwords marketing
Valuechat has numerous strategic advantages over the traditional chat service. Attaching a chat service to a landing page created as part of an adwords campaign can lead to a more sophisticated response to visitors. The landing page can greet the visitor with a chat option using a video format that will provide information on the product and can be preprogrammed to chat based upon the specific topic of the landing page. Questions can be preprogrammed with answers that will feature another video that showcases the landing page information, directs the visitors to a page on the main website or can be used to gather information from the visitor for future contact. The chat can also be programmed to suggest questions that will direct the visitor to the appropriate information.

Using Video Audio and Text conversion strategies
Using audio or video as a chat response gives the website owner the option of using a multimedia approach to converting visitors to customers. With video you cqn prompt the visitor to ask questions that will address their concerns, entertain them, or address their question and maybe another video will respond to a spontaneous question will appear. You can combine video and text chats in one window at any time.

We know that there are several ways people learn: by doing, by hearing, and visually either through text, pictures and video. Valuechat gives you the ability to find your visitor’s hot button learning style and create a program around it.

Valuechat will make note on a separate page of all the unanswered questions.

Using Chat analytics
Valuechat provides transcripts of each chat. This information gives the website owner the ability to analyze the chats, look for trends and create more compelling multimedia content.

Cursor Notification
This is a feature that notifies the chat that a visitor is leaving the site by the way the cursor is moved across the page. At this point a multimedia message can be programed to alert the visitor of something special or other information that may be relevant.

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