Rewards Program

Generate Extra Income With Our Valuechat Rewards Program.

You can generate an extra income from your visitors who click on the powered by ValueChat logo in the chat window without your intervention. You receive rewards for all the sales referred from your website.

The ValueChat referral link on your website is encoded to identify your account. When a visitor clicks the link it will open Valuechat in a new window but your website remains open. marks your account with us as the sponsor for that visitor and the visitor as your referral. Your account will be credited up to 10% of all the payments we receive from all your referrals every time they are charged and for as long as you and they remain our customers. We will use those rewards to pay your renewals and only charge your credit card for the balance if there is one. If your account accumulates over $50.00 you can request a payment from us. All payments are made effective via PayPal. PayPal is free and simple to use.

Promote Valuechat more to accumulate extra rewards? You will find the icons to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more in your Billing/Rewards. Just click and signup to your social account to post your referral link there also and spread the word. Anyone signing up to Valuechat from those links will become your referral. If you have any questions about our rewards program, please refer to our onsite chat solutions window on our website where someone will answer your questions. We provide live support for our customers 24/7, and are always there to help you with any issues you have about your business, or our products and services.

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