Interactive Chat Response

Valuechat Offers An Automated Interactive Chat That You Can Train To Answer Your Customer’s Questions with text, video or audio..

PCR (Programmable Chat Response) is an easy to use automated chat program that will boost your website’s sales performance and increase your customer satisfaction. We are experts in helping you increase visitor conversions. This is how you make money on the internet.

PCR offers live support to your customers, and provides onsite chat solutions to questions, eliminating the need for your customers to call a telephone number for help. Today, customers want answers to their questions immediately, and the PCR provides these answers with no delay.

Programmable chat is very easy to use. You train the PCR just as you would train a human operator. If you create a series of questions along with potential answers, your chat window will display the programmed answers that correspond to the question. All you need is a simple code that. Valuechat will provide . Add this code to your website and your chat service will be available.

By providing live support, you will increase the chances of visitors returning to your site. They will feel more satisfied because the answers to their questions are right at their fingertips. No longer will customers have to call in or be on hold for a long period of a time. The PCR connects immediately, and your customers will not have to wait for a response.

Your PCR can chat with countless visitors simultaneously without any significant delays. Providing onsite chat solutions and useful analytics is vital to your marketing efforts. Since all of your chats are transcribed and archived, your chat analytics will be integral to fine tuning your message.

We also provide you with the capability to embed audio and video media into the chat window and this media will be activated by a preprogrammed question. You can also embed live links into the chat window to assist your visitor navigation..The tools that Valuechat provides can make navigating your website more interactive, fun and interesting. The visitor experience we help you provide will increase conversions, provide quality leads and add credibility to your internet marketing efforts.. At Valuechat we care about your success.

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