How PCR Works

In many companies, maybe even yours, phone calls are taken by an Interactive Voice Response System, known as IVR. IVR is a recorded file paired with software that guides callers through the different menus.

Valuechat, is similar in concept to an IVR. It is a Programmable Chat Response (PCR), software that provides a live chat experience. The PCR can be easily trained to chat with visitors to your web site. It is Always Online 24/7 x 365. If the PCR cannot find an answer, a live operator can be alerted, if available. Regardless, you will receive an e-mail with the unanswered question and the visitor's data to follow up and update the PCR.

We have made Valuechat so simple that you do not need any special knowledge, not even an operator:

Sign up for a FREE 15 day trial and login to your Valuechat account. All you need is a browser.

Train the PCR as you would train a human operator. Where indicated, enter all the questions you expect your visitors to ask and provide the appropriate answers

Valuechat will provide a simple code that you will add to your web site. As soon as that code is entered, Valuechat will be live on your website.

Reduce labor costs and commissions, let Valuechat PCR do all the work

When a visitor to your website clicks the Valuechat, "Always online!" banner, the Valuechat PCR agent will start the chat by greeting and encouraging the visitor to ask his/her question. The chat window can be set up ask the visitor for a name and an e-mail address to begin the chat.

If a question is asked that is similar to one you programmed into Valuechat, it will reply with the answer you entered.

If the question is not found in the list, you can set Valuechat to connect a human operator who can Accept or Ignore the new chat. If accepted, the operator will continue the chat and eventually pass it back to the PCR agent at will. If ignored, Valuechat will tell the visitor that he could not find an answer at this time, a note has been made of it and the visitor will receive the answer by e-mail. The trainer will be notified of an unanswered question and that question will be documented in the unanswered question list.

Chats are transcribed in real time so you can read what is happening with the visitors who are chatting.

Reports that detail the transcripts of the chats can be obtained in seconds. From these reports you will learn how to train your PCR to help your visitors navigate your website. You will also learn the best way to get contact information or the most effective way to convert a visitor to a buyer.

Over time, as you train the Valuechat PCR to answer the unanswered questions there will no longer be unanswered questions and your system will be fully automated.

With Valuechat you'll never leave a visitor to your online business alone. Valuechat can be your sales representative 24/7 x 365 always online to serve your customers without consuming your time and there are no commissions to pay.

Valuechat even has a feature that will notify a visitor, as they are leaving the site, of a special offer, just for them.

Try it FREE PCR advantages Valuechat Welcome Message Add video to your replies Valuechat can reply with video, audio or text Customize your Valuechat and train the PCR to convert Valuechat increase conversion The PCR is easy to program Valuechat is easy to train