Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At ValueChat, we provide onsite chat solutions using text, audio and video.

At ValueChat, we provide onsite chat solutions to visitor questions. Creative use of our automated chat service allows you the flexibility to program your web site’s chat response using text, audio or video to respond, in a meaningful way, to visitor inquiries. Using our automated chat you will be able to guide your visitor to the parts of your web site most relevant to their interests and address their specific concerns using advanced multimedia tools.

What is PCR?

Programmable Chat Response is the term used to describe a method to program your web site’s chat function to answer visitor questions. In the dashboard of your account interface, you are able to create the questions and program the answers to those questions in a systematic and logical way. You can anticipate visitor or customer questions and address them each with a text, video, or audio response. You also have the flexibility to use a live operator at any time during the chat session.

You have the ability to set up your chat window with a request for name, email address or no request for information to begin the chat session. Our chat program can carry on more than 20 chats simultaneously and all chat content is transcribed and stored for future analytic evaluation Unanswered questions during the chat session will activate an email to the administrator and a live operator can participate in the chat in real time. All unanswered questions are transcribed and archived by date and visitor name to be added to the Q/A programming at a later date.

We developed our chat service to maximize your flexibility in designing your chat tool. For example, you can create a different chat experience on each page of your web site, if you want. You can use our chat tool to add a chat function to your landing page marketing and our service can be programed in different languages.


How does PCR know the answers to my customer’s questions?

You train the chat program by typing in the question on the question page of your interface. Once you have typed in the question, you then type in the response in the appropriate section of your interface. Here you can respond to a question with an audio recording, video or text. You are also able to add a live link to your text.. A visitor or customer question will activate the response you selected for that question.


How many hours a day is your automated chat online?

The chat service is available 24/7 365. Therefore you have the option to use a live operator when its convenient and the PCR when it is not.


Do I have to sign a contract with ValueChat?

No. Once you decide on a plan, you can cancel at anytime and upgrade at any time.


There are so many plans to choose from! How do I know which one is right for my business?

Simply start with the smallest plan that you think will fit your needs, you can always upgrade or contact a ValueChat representative through our own automated chat for help. Or you can call us at (786)-529-5543 or email us at We can tell you which plan will work best for you, which plan will aid you in increasing conversions, and which plan will suit your customers’ needs the best. We will also look forward to helping you devise strategies that will maximize the chat experience for your visitors.


How does the 15 Day FREE Trial Period work?

With the 15 Days FREE Trial Period, you have complete access to ALL the features that Valuechat has to offer. Every one of the Plans already includes the 15 Days FREE Trial Period and you are NOT REQUIRED to use your Credit Card. Valuechat will remind you to Upgrade your Plan 5 days before your 15 Day FREE Trial Period expires.


How long will you store my information?

Your account will remain open until you close it, so you can take advantage of the One Valuechat Live Operator FREE. Your campaign settings will be deleted 90 days after your 15 day Trial period expires unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. In any case, we keep chat transcripts for 30 days unless you sing up for the paid subscription.


How do I embed a video into my chat window?

Select the parameters to generate the code you want to embed. Copy the code and paste it on the answer, change the width="230" and height="190" to fit the chat screen. Example: <iframe width="230" height="190" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen autohide></iframe> In this example, rel=0 will not show related videos. The video will show up in your chat trasncripts. You can find more help here:


How do I embed an audio file into my chat window?

<EMBED height="20" SRC="" VOLUME="50" loop="true" controls="console" AUTOSTART="FALSE" width="128">


How do I embed a live link into my chat window?

To make reference to another page in a text you want to display, use the following code:

<a href="" target="_blank">Text you want to display</a>

This will insert the link  "Text you want to display".  When the visitor clicks the link, a new window or tab will open showing the page at the URL .

To send a link to navigate to another page within the same campaign (site), use the following code:

<a href="" target="_parent">the name of the page</a>


Do you have reseller opportunities available?

We would be happy to work with resellers of our program. We are especially interested in working with webmasters, Internet marketing companies and Advertising Agencies. We will provide a substantial discount to our retail price and we will help with your training. Give us a call at (786)-529-5543 to discuss your needs in more detail.


If you have a Valuechat account you will find help in every page and of course you can always chat with us.

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