Programmable chat service that uses embedded audio, video and text to lower your bounce rate and increase conversions.

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Train your PCR to chat live with your website visitors and increase your revenue even when live operators are offline.

Try Valuechat FREE for 15 days on your website and it will:

Reduce bounce rate Reduce bounce rate chat with us Eliminate the "offline" chat message. With ValueChat, you are never offline without incurring additional costs
second opportunity to sell Retain your visitors for longer and get a second opportunity to make the sale speed up sales cycle Speed up the sales cycle by guiding your visitors to where you want them to go
website experience Improve your visitors' website experience. lead generation Generate leads by capturing your visitors' name and e-mail address
answer questions Address any doubts your visitor may have about your company or products reduce labor cost Reduce your labor costs and eliminate commissions paid to live operators
live chat Helps you understand what your visitors are looking for, why they are staying on the site, why they are leaving. This gives you the opportunity to fine tune your communications. live operators Speak to your customers in their language

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Add video to your replies Valuechat can reply with video, audio or text Train your PCR to convert Valuechat increase conversion